Santa Claus Secret Forest – Joulukka

Step Into Your Very Own Christmas Fairytale

Santa Claus Secret Forest – Joulukka is an exclusive destination where you can experience the magic of Christmas either privately or in small groups. The unique surroundings of the Lappish forest, our enchanting programs full of Christmas magic and surprises, conducted specially for you and your nearest and dearest with a touch of local traditions, are guaranteed to delight guests with the highest standards – kids and adults alike.

Come to visit us at Santa Claus Secret Forest – Joulukka and enjoy an unforgettable private meeting with Santa Claus, discover the secrets of the real elves and take part in fun holiday activities!

Group experiences

Group programs are taking place several times each week from end of November to beginning of January and joined by multiple families.


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Private experiences

Private Experiences – selection of fairytales that are done for your dear family only and available all year around.


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